Pyronix Enforcer Wireless communication module

WiFi Network communication module for the Pyronix IP control panels Uses existing broadbandCommunicates via the PyronixCloud, so no complicated port forwarding setup is requiredLow cost installation with no additional costs other than the existing broadband connectionSend push notifications directly to the users smartphone via the HomeControl+ AppEasy setup by DHCP or manual IP configurationFully secure IP connectionCompatible with InSite programming softwareSupplied with an antenna (1m cable)

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Expanding your communication options!

The DIGI-WIFI/XA is your convenient, cost-effective alternative. More choice. More opportunities.

Pyronix are delighted to announce the launch of the DIGI-WIFI/XA communicator for the EURO 46 APP. This brand-new communication option affirms Pyronix unrelenting commitment to delivering more choices and more opportunities for you, our loyal customers!

With the DIGI-WIFI/XA, installations are much more efficient. All you have to do is fit the panel in a convenient location and login to the users existing Wi-Fi network. Thats it. No running of Ethernet cables. No impractical cable entry locations. No data costs. No additional data usage. No monthly contracts. No need to keep it topped up. Just quick, easy and cost-effective connection. The DIGI-WIFI/XA itself fits inside the panel, with the external antenna fixed vertically and conveniently up to 1m away.

Please Note: The DIGI-WIFI/XA is compatible with Wi-Fi connectivity of 2.4GHz. It is not compatible with 5GHz.

The benefits of a quick and convenient install dont stop there, as it also delivers HomeControl+ App and PyronixCloud compatibility. So, you can provide your user with a smartphone app to control their security from anywhere, while reaping the rewards of upselling, generating recurring revenue, retaining customers and increasing profitability and efficiency, with remote panel diagnostics and maintenance.

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