Pyronix Octopus Ceiling Quad PIR Detectors

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The Octopus range of Passive Infrared Receivers provide 360 degree detection. The range consists of two detectors, the EP and Super versions, both sleek and discreet in appearence and fit neatly into any interior. They are both compatible with conventional alarm systems and offer advantages over wall mounted detectors:

  • Provides 360 degree coverage.
  • Ceiling Mount provides ideal coverage for obscured areas and is less likely to obscured by furniture, office partitions etc.
  • 3D lens gives optimum coverage.

The Octopus has several features which help to give the range superior false alarm immunity :

  • Pyronix have developed a system known as IFT for filtering out interference caused by external electrical sources.
  • Sealed Optics ensure against false alarms caused by insects which may interfere with the sensor inside the detector.
  • Analogue and Digital Pulse Count options allow your installer to adjust the sensitivity to suit the environment.
  • A robust 3mm thick case protects the components inside the detector.

The following features enhance the stability of the detector in troublesome environments :

  • Fuzzy logic is a reasoning system which allows an installer to closely simulate the real world. By constantly reacting to the changing variables of the environment the detector is able to maintain its sensitivity without increasing the chance of false alarms. (Octopus Super only)
  • Interlocking Quad Element sensor provides a greater level of stability and higher rate of detection than a standard Quad sensor.


  • 360° Ceiling Mount Detector.
  • Temperature Compensation Option.
  • Interlocking Quad Element Pyroelectric
  • Sensor for domestic or commercial use.
  • 3D lens for optimum coverage pattern.
  • Unique Independent Floating Thresholds. (IFT)
  • Analogue pulse count 1, 2 or 3, EP, Super has digital pulse count.
  • Twin LEDs to facilitate walk test.
  • RFI immunity to meet EN50130-4.
  • Screw fixing front cover.
  • Robust 3 mm case thickness.
  • Colour : white.
  • 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty.

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