Texecom Exodus 12v Optical Smoke & heat multisensor

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Texecom Exodus 12v Optical & heat multisensor

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This is an optical and heat multisensor, able to detect emissions of both heat and light. The heat enhancement available means that fast-burning fires are detected with a high degree of sensitivity, while the optical chamber means false alarms are rare.

The Texecom Exodus 12v can be used for optimum detection of fast burning fires in general living spaces with great sensitivity due to its multisensory capabilities.


  • 12v, 4 wire operation
  • Alarm relay
  • Ceiling connector base included
  • Microprocessor technology
  • Digital technology detection algorithms
  • Latch input enables auto reset or latching operation
  • Alarm simulation test button
  • Optical & thermal detection for optimum sensitivity
  • Digital draft compensation
  • Designed to comply with EN54-7
  • Label colour is BLUE

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