Texecom Premier Elite Fully Featured Burglar Alarm Kit with Proximity LCD Keypad

Texecom KIT10 Fully Featured Burglar Alarm System with white Premier Elite Surface Mount Remote Keypad.



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Texecom KIT10 Fully Featured Burglar Alarm System with Premier Proximity LCD Remote Keypad

This high specification burglar alarm kit is perfect for the modern home. A development on the Texecom Premier system, the kit includes a remote keypad with Proximity keytags.

Also functional as an alarm kit, the system is easy to arm and disarm by sweeping the Proximity tags quickly past the keypad.

If you need to increase the quantity of any part of this kit, it is quite simple. Just click on the relevant product link and insert the extra quantity. If the kit is not quite what you are looking for, you can use the contents table to begin designing your own kit straight away, or you can simply search our wide range of products.

This popular burglar alarm kit now has different options available to allow a choice of different colour keypads

Product Features


  • 8 Zones Expandable To 24
  • 2 Areas
  • 25 User Codes
  • 500 Event Log Time & Date Stamped
  • Plug-on Digimodems

  • 32 character english text display.
  • 2 fully programmable DP or EOL zones
  • Programmable output
  • Programmable info. LED
  • Fully adjustable backlighting
  • Built in piezo electric sounder
  • 4 wire connection

  • Mounting Height Alignment
  • Selectable Pulse Count
  • Sealed Optics
  • EOL Resistors
  • Brackets

  • Custom graphic inserts for professional installer branding
  • A choice of 6 electronic back plate modules
  • Illuminated X3 cover options
  • White comfort LED’s
  • A host of installer-friendly features
  • Designed to comply with EN50131-4


Texecom Technical Support line 08456 300 600
24 Months Texecom Manufacturer Warranty from the Date of Purchase
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In the box:


Quantity Product Description
1 Texecom Premier 24 8 to 24 zone control panel
1 Texecom Premier surface mount remote keypad with Proximity reader
1 Texecom Proximity keytags (Pack of 5)
1 3.4 ah back-up battery
4 Texecom Premier Compact PIR`s backed up with a 5 year product guarantee
4 Texecom Premier Compact PIR`s Wall Mounting Bracket
2 Surface contacts door contacts for exit doors etc.
100m 6 core burglar alarm cable
1 Texecom X-2 109db bellbox complete with X3 cover and twin strobe flashing LEDs

*Note: Product contents may change without notice.

European Standards

EMC: Conforms to European Union (EU) Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive
89/336/EEC (amended by 92/31/EEC and 93/68/EEC).
Approved to BS EN 55022 Class B and BS EN 50130-4 : 1996.
The CE mark indicates that this product complies with the European
requirements for safety, health, environmental and customer protection.
Texecom products are protected by UK and International patents,
trademarks and registered design rights. Community Design Registration No. 61650.
Premier is a trademark of Texecom Limited.
®2012 Texecom Limited.


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